CBD is quickly becoming a trusted go-to product for people who struggle with sleep, anxiety, or chronic pain. CBD has established itself as an effective treatment for some of the most unresponsive to antiseizure medications type of childhood epilepsy syndromes such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). In these confusing diseases, CBD was able to reduce the number of the children’s seizures and in some cases, CBD was even able to halt them entirely.

In 2018, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced its approval of the CBD drug Epidiolex as a treatment for these diseases, noting, “this approval serves as a reminder that advancing sound development programs that properly evaluate active ingredients contained in marijuana can lead to important medical therapies.”

Given the exciting future of CBD as a health and wellness compound, it isn’t surprising CBD can be found in so many different types of products; from beauty products to pet care, tinctures to CBD gummies.

Yes, CBD gummies!

You may have heard about CBD gummies, and thought to yourself, “those aren’t for me. They sound like light-weight foo-foo candy treats”. 

We’re going to put this common myth to rest: CBD gummies are created with the same compounds found in other CBD products, provide the same benefits, and are becoming one of the easiest ways to introduce this powerful compound into your wellness routine.


1.CBD gummies truly do have the potential to make you happy

CBD has been shown to upregulate and enhance serotonin

Serotonin sometimes called “the neurotransmitter of happiness” is involved in behaviors as wide-ranging as sleep, cognition, aggression, learning, appetite, and reward activity. 

CBD’s potentially far-reaching ability to interact with our serotonin receptors is what scientists believe may underlie its anti-anxiety effects.

Not only are CBD gummies fun to take (making it much more likely that you will take them), CBD gummies actually do have the potential to make you happier!


2.CBD gummies are a perfect nightcap because CBD supports better sleep cycles 

CBD gummies are commonly used by people who suffer with insomnia. Why? Studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep. 

As it turns out, more than 1/2 of insomnia cases are related to depression, anxiety, or psychological stress. Sleep and mental wellbeing are intimately tied together. 

This is where CBD gummies fit into the, “sleep tight nighty night” picture. Research now shows that a healthy endocannabinoid signaling regulates sleep stability. The results of this study show that “endocannabinoid signaling through CB1 is necessary for NREM (non-rapid eye movement) stability”. 

Given that about 80% of sleep is NREM sleep, this means that the majority of the time you spend sleeping, you are in an NREM state; a non-dreaming, relaxed state stabilized by our endocannabinoid system. 

3.CBD gummies may help with anxiety and panic attacks

A new Brazilian study published in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacol shows that cannabinoids may be the next best anti-anxiety medication, and in particular help with panic attacks. 

Additionally, a recent paper looked at all previously published laboratory animal and human scientific CBD studies. They concluded that CBD exhibits anti-panic properties. 

They also highlighted that because CBD is not addictive, it has the potential to be a good alternative to what is currently prescribed for patients with panic disorder (PD): benzodiazepines and antidepressant drugs which can be highly addictive and leave patients highly dependent on them.


4.CBD gummies are an easily digestible way to help you eliminate chronic pain 

One of the top reasons people take CBD gummies is for pain, and chronic pain in particular. Just about all of us feel pain from time to time, but once the acute injury that caused the pain heals, you stop hurting. 

Chronic pain is different. Your body keeps hurting weeks, months, or even years after the injury. Doctors often define chronic pain as any pain that lasts for more than 3 to 6 months.

As you could imagine, being in chronic pain for extended periods of time can have very real effects on your daily enjoyment of life, mental health, and overall wellbeing. 

Before CBD, people suffering from chronic pain generally had two options: Opioids (i.e. oxycontin, morphine, codeine): These have been used for decades – and still are today. They’re powerful drugs used for decreasing pain. They also carry a significant risk of addiction and death by overdose. 

Or…prescription/over the counter NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs): For years NSAIDs (i.e. Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Aleve) were thought to have little to no sid-effects. Lately, they’re among the most controversial. Why? Turns out they increase your risk for heart attack and stroke.

But now CBD is showing itself to be a third option. And guess what? CBD does not carry the risk of overdose or fatality. According to the DEA,  “No deaths from overdose of [cannabis] have been reported.”  As describes by the NIH’s National Cancer Institute, this is because, “cannabinoid receptors, unlike opioid receptors, are NOT located in the brainstem areas controlling respiration – lethal doses from cannabinoids do not occur”.  

This is why so many people are now saying, “Yes! I’ll take some quality CBD gummies please!”.